For the first month, P.S. will be featuring some amazing P.S.A’s (P.S. Ambassadors) who inspire me so much. They will be sharing their unique personal style and what they are passionate about. Stay tuned on the instagram account @pspersonalstyle and the website for daily updates!



Hi everyone! I’m super excited to be a PSA! My name is Chloe, and I’m from Boston but I’m hoping to move out to NYC or LA after I graduate! I’m majoring in multimedia journalism in hopes of becoming a digital media producer! I love to create and one of my favorite things to do is pick up my camera, dress up, and do a photo shoot with my friends. I also love creating photo edits and doing graphic design work! I’m super into fashion, music, and sports, so if you’re interested in any of those areas feel free to peep my creative projects! I have a podcast called the culture digest with my friend Tripp on Spotify, all my photo edits are on my Instagram, and my YouTube channel will soon host all of my travel and vlog adventures! I’m so excited for the future of P.S and to share my journey with you all. ❤️

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