The Beauty Benefits of Becoming a Vegan!

The Beauty Benefits of Becoming a Vegan!  Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. These are my personal results of becoming vegan.  Have you ever wondered what would change if you completely cut out processed foods? I had always imagined the amazing physical benefits of being one of those “healthy girls”, but I never thoughtContinue reading “The Beauty Benefits of Becoming a Vegan!”

Lexi’s Quarantine Sushi Recipes

From the age of two years old, sushi has always been my favorite food. I’ve spent more money on sushi in my life than I’d like to admit… and when quarantine rolled around, I knew I had to learn to make it or else I’d be broker than broke. Luckily, I’ve found it to beContinue reading “Lexi’s Quarantine Sushi Recipes”

Three Recipes That Have Gotten Me Through Quarantine

By: Daysia Tolentino Staying at home has turned me into a bit of a stress baker, but honestly, it’s been keeping me sane! As a person who normally doesn’t have the time (or the skill) to bake at all, I’ve found joy and comfort in making easy treats. I’ve rounded up a few of myContinue reading “Three Recipes That Have Gotten Me Through Quarantine”